Artist’s Circular Canvas


  • Heavy weight artist’s linenĀ canvas
  • Hand finished surface preparation
  • Precision manufactured circular profile
  • Crisp 90 degree fold free edge
  • Ready to hang direct to the wall
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A tondo (plural “tondi” or “tondos”) is a Renaissance term for a circular work of art, deriving from the Italian word rotondo, “round.” The term is not usually used in English for small round paintings, but only those over about two feet in diameter, thus excluding many round portrait miniatures.

Artists have created tondi since Greek antiquity. The circular paintings in the centre of painted vases of that period are known as tondi, and the inside of the broad low winecup called a kylix also lent itself to circular enframed compositions.

The style was revived in in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, particularly in Italy with the tondo becoming an especially fashionable trend in 15th century Florence, with Botticelli painting many examples, both Madonnas and narrative scenes. Michelangelo employed the circular tondo for several compositions, both painted and sculpted, as did Raphael.

The tondo has also been used as a design element in architecture since the Renaissance; it may serve centered in the gable-end of a pediment or under the round-headed arch that was revived in the fifteenth century.

Additional information

Canvas Size / Diameter

50cm (approx 20"), 60cm (approx 24" / 2ft), 70cm (approx 28"), 80cm (approx 32"), 90cm (approx 36" / 3ft), 100cm (approx 40"), 110cm (approx 44"), 120cm (approx 48" / 4ft), 130cm (approx 52"), 140cm (approx 56"), 150cm (approx 60" / 5ft)


38mm, 50mm


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